Personal wellness is a community effort. With the right advice, guidance and management you can achieve the ideal balance for a healthy and stress-free life.

  • Less can be more

    Less can be more

    Finding a home that best suits your lifestyle is a matter for everyone.

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  • Volunteering matters

    New Zealanders spend more than 157 million hours volunteering annually

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  • Wearable tech to get you moving

    Wearable tech to get you moving

    In the past five years we have been inundated with technology that monitors just about our every move – or lack of it.

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  • Make a plan to protect yourself and your loved ones

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  • Dialling down the pain

    Rising phone usage creating a strain for users.

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  • Pets are good for your health

    Pets are good for your health

    Spending time playing with your pet can lift your spirits and help you relax. Here's why.

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  • Healthy living

    Each decade has its own challenges for health, nutrition and fitness - how are you tracking?

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  • Long may we live

    Long may we live

    New Zealanders are living longer: a lot longer and we can anticipate that our life expectancy will continue to rise in the years to come.

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  • Leading by example

    New Zealand is a nation of volunteers - learn why it's good for us.

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  • Retiring is 'good for you'

    Retiring is 'good for you'

    People are more active, sit less and have healthier sleep patterns after they retire, new research shows.

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  • Spinning the wheels

    CYCLING is an activity for all ages, with more than 1.3 million New Zealanders regularly riding a bike.

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