Spinning the wheels

July 19, 2016

CYCLING is an activity for all ages, with more than 1.3 million New Zealanders regularly riding a bike.

The popularity of bikes is outselling cars, with about 200,000 bicycles sold annually, Patrick Morgan from Cycling Action Network says.

“The top benefit is that riding a bike is heaps of fun,” Patrick says. “Trends include a boom in bicycle tourism, in part thanks to NZ Cycle Trails, mountain biking and recreational road riding. E-biking (electric biking) is also growing.”

It’s a popular weekend activity for families, and because it is gentler on leg joints than running mature generations are also spinning the wheels.

About one fifth of the population are regular cyclists, with 1% riding to work; and Sport & Recreation New Zealand reports it is in the top five most popular NZ leisure pastimes.

“Accident Compensation Corporation figures suggest cycling is far safer - has a lower number of injuries among people doing it - than rugby, cricket, basketball, soccer, netball and tennis,” Patrick adds.

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